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NPA Consultants


NPA Consultants

Bank NPA Consultants is a specialist debt-relief consultancy firm. We can immediately provide you and/or your company relief from your Individual and Corporate Debt problems, by structuring a specific plan tailored to the needs of your business. At Bank NPA Consultants, we have multifaceted group of experts in the fields of Individual Loans and Corporate Debt with a combination of backgrounds that make us the “Complete Business Debt Expert”.

We are an NPA Consultancy firm where we believe in a partnership approach and as such, work towards building a long-term relationship with each client. We have experience in high-level debt negotiations and our aim is to add value to your organisation, large or small. We are a result-driven organization and deliver proven solutions with guaranteed results.

With over a decade of experience in Personal Loans and Corporate Debt restructuring, Bank NPA Consultants brings to the table the strategies and solutions for your troubled business.

We give advice to organisations with large debt values and have specialist external consultants to give advice on any type of Corporate Debt Restructuring Arrangement. If you have a stressed loan problem or in case your bank has declared the loan borrowed by your enterprise as a non performing asset or NPA, we can provide you with all the necessary solutions. If you are currently in default or are about to be declared a defaulter, we can help.

Our team comprises of former top executives of Public/Private Sector banks, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Chartered Engineers and Valuers, Bankruptcy & Resolution Professionals, Advocates and Solicitors (specialized in DRT law),  Finance Professionals and Management Graduates from Premier B-Schools. We have considerable experience of dealing with almost all the Public and Private sector banks and financial institutions, as well as Multi State Co-op Banks in India.

“Emerging technologies are changing the face of society, as we have known for decades. With new upgradations coming all the time with dynamic technologies, it is not impossible that your business was on the decline, suffered obsolescence, or rendered redundant even before you knew it. Many of the NPA businesses are a result of all this and much more, with all the stigmatic tags attached, such as wilful default etc. For, the need of the hour is to connect with customers 24×7.
The solution lies in building long-term relationships with customers based on trust, loyalty, dedication and quality consciousness. Because without these transparent commitments, nothing is possible.
A passion for perfection and a drive to constantly create, drive us to go beyond the obvious. Our aim is to become one of the most renowned and trusted service providers in the space, by combining legal acumen, business finesse with customer insight and prompt service & support.
This is our constant endeavour, our goal for a better tomorrow.”

Resolution under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Existing matters before Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), BIFR and SICA are soon to be referred to the NCLT as per the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. We shall guide you towards a successful resolution with relief.


Write off Unsecured Debt, Pare Secured Debt

Including VAT, customs & tax arrears. A recovery plan is prepared for its viable continuity. This includes the return of a proportion


Release From Onerous Agreements

We help consider your own exposure and can negotiate with lenders for acceptable payment


Preventing so called 'Willful Default'

Owners of businesses trading as self-employed are personally liable for business debts. This means that business & personal, debts & assets are treated as one financial entity


Corporate Debt Re-structuring

Debt restructuring is the process of negotiating with creditors to reduce overall debts in exchange of a concrete repayment plan. We provide a platform for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) between the borrower and the lender



False Credit Score in the Data base of Credit Rating Agency (eg CIBIL, Equifax etc) can have a deleterious effect on your business fortunes, leading you to a dead end in sourcing fresh avenues of finance or even carrying out a restructure exercise.


We are Bank NPA Consultants

The banking space has become more complex and risky with the enactment of Securitisation Laws (SARFAESI) and government’s emphasis on quick reduction of Non-Performing Assets. Given the current economic slowdown, the current situation is only expected to worsen further.

During the last decade, given the rising expectations surrounding the India growth story, many ambitious businesses had borrowed huge amounts in the hope that they would propel themselves into the league of large-cap companies. However, things have not gone as per plan and given the demand-supply mismatch that exists today, it is apparent that several businesses are operating under tight margins and shrinking sales volumes. As a result, several investments made in the past few years have gone bad or are under severe strain, which include the well-intentioned bona-fide borrowers who had gone into an expansion mode. Hence, it remains the responsibility of big-ticket borrowers to identify early symptoms of sickness and take preventive and corrective measures to avert sickness and NPA. Our aim is to help and rescue the genuine borrowers whose business plans have gone wrong and are facing financial difficulty for no fault of theirs.

Debt restructuring and timely infusion of funds is important in this regard. CDR or Corporate Debt Restructuring is one such effective instrument in the hands of the borrower as well as the banker to timely intervene and rectify an adverse loan repayment situation., being equipped with experts from Banking, Accounting and Legal background, can act as a reliable consultant to negotiate and finalize CDR proposals and guide companies for timely intervention through CDR.

We also assist existing bank borrowers on matters of irregular & sticky accounts, NPA and Suit-filed accounts, bad loans and credit card loans. Particular care is taken of those embroiled in DRT and SARFAESI or Securitization cases. Help is at hand to reschedule and restructure the accounts or to apply for One-time settlement (OTS) proposals to Bank. In case of need, legal assistance is provided to tide over the pressure mounted for seizure of assets. We act as consultants for BIFR & AIFA cases.

Our expert team undertakes complex CDR proposals or Corporate Debt Restructuring cases involving financial, banking and legal expertise. On the whole, is a trustworthy NPA consultant and advisor for OTS proposals, legal help, restructuring of loans, where borrowers from all over India can seek assistance. Timely intervention in bad loans is very crucial as otherwise the borrower is most likely to lose his business, his money and face litigation.

We prepare presentations for Banks and Financial Institutions for corporate debt restructuring including for sanction / conversion / modifications in existing credit facilities or for sanction of additional credit facilities as required by a specific company depending upon its needs. We have a team of retired senior bankers from various banks with expertise in CDR, who put in their vast experience at work to ensure that the presentations made to the banks and institutions are flawless so that the necessary approvals are obtained expeditiously. In order to provide a wide range of specialized services, we have partnered with asset management companies, law firms and other real estate service providers.

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Professional Team

We are a team of professionals that includes former bankers, lawyers and company secretaries.

Five star Customer Service

We have a professional and distinguished team that can help meet your requirements.

Uptodate Knowledge

We are equipped with the latest laws and regulations concerning your business needs

Nationwide coverage

We offer our services to clients throughout the length and breadth of India




  • I am highly imperessed by Bank NPA’s directions which gave me the confidence to get out of my loan problems successfully.

    A Kulkarni
    Shopping Mall Developer
  • The professionalism of Bank NPA Consultants is highly commendable. I would recommend them to any businessman or industrialist.

    P Thakur
    Steel mill owner
  • The tremendous enthusiasm with which my problems were solved by Bank NPA Consultants impressed me highly. It helped me to get out from the brink of financial ruin!

    K Arabatti
    Pharmaceutical Business owner
  • I had the weight of tremendous debt burden on my shoulders. I happened to approach Bank NPA Consultants and they helped me get out of my problem with ease.

    S Agarwal
    Textile Factory owner